Which famous economist are you most similar to? To find out, answer the questions below and watch your dot move around the graph. The more questions you answer, the more accurate the results. A good minimum is 20.

Click on blue circles to see economist webpages. Click on questions to see survey data.

All questions and data were taken from the excellent IGM Economic Experts Panel, a survey of a diverse set of economists. I am not affiliated with them, and they don't know that I am doing this, but you should definitely check out their website.

For an FAQ and more detailed description, see my blog. Analysis code for the IGM survey data is available on GitHub.

(NEW!) A sortable correlation matrix of IGM economists can be viewed here.

Chris Said

IGM Panel Questions

Survey results

Accurate results require at least 20 responses. The graph shows a 2D slice of the whole space of opinions. In the complete space, which can't be visualized, the economist you are closest to is: